Whose egg, is it?


As the ostrich hides and the iguana tries to be indifferent, the egg is about to hatch.

The hen waits anxiously, the flamingo tries to stay away.

These five soft cushions have a story without ending. Try creating it yourself.

Whose egg do you think it is?

Each cushion represents an oviparous animal portraying it during its most common behaviors: we know the ostrich because he hides his head under the sand and we know that the iguana warms in the sun. The flamingo, with its long neck, is a skilled contortionist and the hen walks back and forth with her nice expression!


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Removable cushions made of 100% cotton twill, a fabric that is both durable and soft. Moreover, thanks to the treatment of the “peach-skin” fabric, it gives a pleasant feeling and a sense of warmth to the touch.

The back of the cushion is made of 100% cotton panama, which is strong and durable. The pocket on the back makes it easy to insert the cushion filling without a zip.

Handmade OEKO-TEX certified hypoallergenic filling included.

OEKO-TEX certified water-free printing with hand-made designs.

Helicopter products are completely handmade in Italy. We have carefully chosen high quality fabrics, padding and materials.
Possible slight discrepancies can be explained by the entirely handmade production of similar creations.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Front fabric: 100% cotton twill; Back fabric: 100% cotton panama; Filling: 100% polyester


45×45 cm


Hand wash with mild soap and treat with care. Maximum iron at 150°. No bleaching. No spin. No dryer.


Front: printed; Back: blue


Flamingo, Chick, Iguana, Ostrich, Egg, Set 5 pieces


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