Dig and discover


From flower to flower the bee goes about its business as well as the ant, the hummingbird and the ladybird. But there is someone still hiding…. find out where he is and what he plans to do! Little clue: he loves honey…

By softly digging through the fringes of the fabric, we discover the tireless work of bees and other animals and bugs that inhabit the meadows.

This simple action emphasises their work and nurtures the child’s mind. Without ever forgetting the playful factor, the story aims to bring moments of fun with friendly bugs and tactile sensations.

This playmat also creates a sensory path inside a lawn, where the child can discover many different tactile sensations as well as many characters!

You will find that the hive has octagonal shapes, that the inside of a flower is soft and colorful, that not only the bee goes from flower to flower but also other very important insects and birds!

The history of the carpet also helps to increase the knowledge of some words, such as BEAR, BEE, FLOWER, thanks to some questions that the parent can ask during the activity, for example: “This is a…” ” What is that?” “Where’s the bear?” and all that.

Parents and children together discovering the world around us!


Shipping time:

  • For in-stock products expected shipping in 5/8 working days.
  • For non-stock products expected shipping in 20/22 working days.

Shipping times are due to the completely handmade processing of the product.



Sensory play mat made of 100% cotton canvas, a fabric that is both durable and soft. Moreover, thanks to the treatment of the “peach-skin” fabric, it gives a pleasant feeling and a sense of warmth to the touch. The back of the carpet is made of 100% cotton panama, which is strong and durable.

OEKO-TEX certified water-free printing with hand-made designs.

OEKO-TEX padding with 100% polyester fireproof.

Helicopter products are completely handmade in Italy. We have carefully chosen high quality fabrics, padding and materials. Possible slight discrepancies can be explained by the entirely handmade production of similar creations.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm

Front fabric: 100% cotton twill; Back fabric: 100% cotton panama; Padding; 100% polyester fireproof


140 cm Ø


Hand wash with mild soap and treat with care. Don't iron. No bleaching. No spin. No dryer.


Front: printed; Back: green


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