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I introduce myself

My name is Elisa and I graduated in Fashion Design. It was during my university career that I became interested in fabric design, especially for children.

I worked for a short, but intense time with children, an experience thanks to which I was able to learn a lot about their way of perceiving the world, their education and what it means to create suitable tools to convey information, and therefore growth, in them.

It grew in me the desire to be able to combine my skills in the textile and “educational” field, through stories that stimulate the minds of children through products designed, designed and made entirely by hand.

So I decided to develop the project Helicopter. The world of nature and animals have much to teach and still much to discover! That’s why I made them the protagonists of my prints and my works with stories ready to be heard.

I create stories that stimulate the minds of children, through products designed, designed and made entirely by hand.

I am always looking for new ideas that I find carefully observing the world around me, reading and turning all this into stories that can be useful for the growth of the child, to generate amazement and therefore curiosity. This also applies to adults, whom I address in the same way as children, because they accompany the little ones to discover the new.

To the story of the stories I also combine the manipulation of fabrics, a fundamental element for Helicopter products, which is mainly found in sensory carpets and game carpets. I really believe in the expressive power of the fabric and how it can be transformed according to what we want to communicate. All this requires patience and experimentation.

I pay a lot of attention to detail and aim to create interactions with the final product, emphasizing the importance of teaching children, in a world that is going faster and faster, to slow down, observe and learn from their surroundings.

Parents and children together discovering the world around us!